Fighting the social phobia

Leading a miserable life and being disconnected from everyone is not something you should be proud of. If you don’t want to share your fears and issues with other people then you have to man up and deal with them yourself. You can try forcing the socialization but it is better to take one of the slower paths toward the “normalization” of your social interactions.
You probably haven’t noticed the way you breathe once the anxiety appears. The breathing is quickened and shallow and the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your body is distorted. That is why you might feel like you are suffocating. By mastering the way of calming your breathing you will be able to reduce or eliminate the anxiety you feel.

Here is a simple guide that will help you breathe freely even in the moments of the anxiety attack.
8b685a4ffc3ddcec_shutterstock_384998095_1_.xxxlarge_2x– First, you should find a comfortable seating position and relax your muscles while your back is straight. One hand goes to the stomach and other on the chest.
– Keep the inhaling slow, through the nose, and it should last for four seconds. Try to breathe from the stomach not from the chest.
– Every time you inhale you should hold the breath for around 2 seconds before you release it.
– Exhale for at least six seconds, through the mouth and in that time try to exhale all the air from your lungs.
– Keep that breathing pattern for at least 2 minutes and your heart rate will slow down to normal levels and your anxiety will reduce greatly.
160945425This simple exercise will help you relax and that is a good first step toward the elimination of social anxiety disorder.
Facing the fear instead of avoiding it might be a better choice in some cases. It is the most helpful way to cure a social phobia, but it is also the hardest of them all. Facing the social situation instead of avoiding it can’t hurt you because if you avoid it the social anxiety disorder will keep on going. course-3We all feel the anxiety, but the point is to release it and not to bottle it up. If you don’t address those feelings at the right moment they will become more difficult to face as the time goes on.
Avoidance of the situations that cause anxiety always leads to new problems. Avoidance does make people feel good, but this is just a short-term solution. Every time a social situation is avoided, the most difficult it becomes in the future. After a while, people with this phobia know only how to avoid those situations and they limit their lives and their chances of succeeding on the social level and sometimes on a professional level as well.
20501472_m-300x200Challenging the anxiety is a solution, but it should be done slowly, step by step. Dealing with anxiety is hard, but if you start with things that cause you small levels of anxiety and work toward bigger issues you will eventually be able to cope with the biggest sources of anxiety in your life. This fight is worth fighting, so don’t give up.

Author: Sharon Johnson

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