Let’s talk about social anxiety disorder

Let’s talk about social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder is much more than just being nervous while performing a speech or being in an interview. A person with this disorder fears embarrassment and due to that they avoid any occasions where they might get embarrassed. This condition alienates the person from other people and it may lead to more severe conditions like depression.
This disorder also known as social phobia comes in a form of intense fear of being in an unknown situation and not knowing how to manage it. This brings up the paranoia, the sense of being judged by everyone else and the sense of being constantly under the watch. People that have a social phobia will do anything to avoid those situations because they get anxious from simply thinking about them.
lonely-girl-350Some people that suffer from this do realize that they might be over thinking it, but they are simply too anxious to think about something else. Due to the lack of other options they decide to stick with their form of thinking and they accept their situation even though they wish to change it.
There are many people who have to deal with this problem, contrary to the belief of those that suffer from it. It is hard to list all of the triggers of social phobia because they are different for everyone. In some cases, the anxiety is caused by one or two situations, like speeches or something similar, and in other, more extreme, cases the anxiety is triggered by any situations that could cause embarrassment, even if the chance for that is one against million. Galeria8-3004A person like that draws the most negative conclusions from every situation they might get in, so they avoid everyone and everything that could trigger the phobia.
Occasional shyness isn’t social anxiety disorder and if you refuse to acknowledge that then you are insulting all people that do have to live this condition. In general, there are three types of symptoms and signs of the social anxiety disorder and they are emotional, physical and behavioral symptoms.
Nainenerillaankavereista-300x200Emotional symptoms include fear of being judged by others, self-consciousness in everyday situations, and fear of acting or doing anything in fear of being judged and embarrassed. People that have to live with this kind of condition are also afraid of other people finding out how nervous they are about things that are mundane to them.
Blushing aka red face as well as nausea and shaking/trembling are all physical signs of social phobia. There are also other physical symptoms of social anxiety disorder including among the others, the shortness of breath, tightening of the chest, excessive sweating and so on.

The behavior of the person that suffers from this phobia is easily recognizable if you know what to look for. If a person has a need of a buddy wherever he goes or they drink before anything involving other people then they are obviously unable to cope with their anxiety. Staying behind and quite in a conversation and spacing out in order to become invisible to other people is also a clear sign of social phobia.

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