Stress and how to manage it

Stress and how to manage it

Stress can be a thing that shuts you down completely. Stresses build up over time, and if you fail to do something about it, then it will slowly drain your energy and your will to do anything. If you find yourself staring at the monitor or TV for the most hours of your free time and you feel dissatisfaction with everything you have done, then you have to take the issue in your hands and something about it.
– Avoid the stressors
Not every stressor can or should be avoided as some are essential to you, but you are probably unaware of how many things can be ignored or refused with just a bit of self-belief and a couple of “no’s”. Each and every one of us has some limits and knowing those limits and sticking to them is an important thing. No matter whether the issue is within the personal or professional sphere, sometimes you have to say “no” and you have to stick with it. 30ac05965cdfd5c728c61bdc3970db1cThere are many things in life that you have to bear with, but there are also those that you should bare with according to everyone else. You are not everyone else, you are you, so don’t take too many things on yourself.
We try to hide it from ourselves, but many stressors in our lives are other people. I am not talking about shifting the guilt to other people; it is simply the naked truth: there are toxic people in our lives, people that cause more stress to us than anything else. serve-addicted-afflicted-peopleDistancing from those people might be the best possible option, and if that doesn’t work you simply have to end your relationship with them, no matter the type of that relationship.
The environment can cause stress as well and a lot of us fail to realize that we are in control over the environment. If TV shows troubles you then simply turn it off. If your job makes you anxious and troubled seek another job or discuss it with people who might invoke the change you can’t. You have to move, to change things, to fight for yourself.
– Alter the stressor
equilibrio-emocional-na-carreira-profissionalStressor or the situation that came from it can be altered as well. This will take some dedication as you will probably have to change some things in your daily life, but it will eventually turn well.
Bottling up all of your feelings will make you a bitter person and it will add up the stress. Both negative and positive feelings can become toxic if they are bottled up for too long. You have to learn to express your feelings. Don’t be too aggressive while doing that but be sure not to leave anything bad inside of your mind because it will bother you later.
It might sound strange, but if you manage your time badly it can add up to stress. Check whether you can manage your time better and you will find a lot of time that can be used for better things.

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Managing the stress

Managing the stress

You can suppress the stress with bad decisions or you can manage it through force of will and effort. Suppressing the stress will eventually backfire and it can have some dire consequences on both the mental and physical health. But if you decide to manage the stress instead, then you will be able to release it in a way that will make you better. There are several ways to do it and you can either combine several of them or go with just one.

Another way to manage stress is through exercise.  One of the best workout programs I would recommend is Team Beachbody’s library of workouts through BeachBody On Demand.

– Acceptance
Some causes of stress can’t be eliminated, but it is wrong to worry about them all the time. By accepting those things you will be able to get your thoughts off of them and get a bit of a breather from them. The death of someone you love can’t change, it can only be accepted. Stressing yourself over that won’t help you. Remembering the dead as they were is a way to of acceptance.
CEI4IV_WIAAVyjYIf a problem presents itself and you can’t remove it and it causes you stress you should try to look at it from another perspective. Mistakes are made, so you should adapt and correct those mistakes.
There isn’t anyone who can live without making compromises. If you want someone else to change, expect that same expectation from them as well. Meeting in the middle will help both sides, and one source of problems will go away.
– Healthy mind comes from healthy lifestyle
s70308218This doesn’t mean to just exercise; it means to change your whole lifestyle in order to feel the change within. A healthy diet will bring right nourishment to the body, and body that is well nourished will be able to cope with stress better than the body that isn’t at its peak performance.
Caffeine and sugar have a type of “high” effect on the body and one would say that they are good at stress management. This is false because the effect is only temporary. If you rely on these two substances for the relief of stress you will find that the amount of them required for the right effect increases over the time. b3d4e942-d5dc-4520-be05-ab83e044d2d5The best thing to do is to slowly reduce the amount of these substances you take, and along with that, you keep on mental exercises that will cover the empty place left by those things.
Alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are all unhealthy ways to manage stress. If you use any of them then you should try to quit. Quitting any of these isn’t easy, but reducing them slowly over time will do the trick. Avoiding the issues with these things won’t make them go away and your self-esteem will go down over time as you realize that you are cowardly avoiding those issues.

A good amount of irrational thinking comes from a lack of sleep, or to be more exact from feeling tired that is a direct result of the lack of sleep. Sleeping helps both the body and the mind to rest and once those two are rested they have it easier when it comes to stress and the management of the same.

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